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Originally posted by CorranSec
As eizo said, no guided missiles/torpedoes were used in WW2.

I meant, was there anything of a different class than fighters- ie
medium ships that you can actually live on, capital ships that can hold thousands of people..... the obvious answer is no.
lol, quite incorrect. I'll give you a quick weapons lesson (my speciality is modern military weapons systems).

Homing torpero's have been around for over a century, and were used very extensively in WW2.

Guided missiles WERE used by the Germans during WW2. In that conflict we saw the first cruise missile (V-1), first ballistic missile (V-2) and first guided ASM (anti-ship missile). Furthermore, a great deal of ungaided rockets (not missiles eizo) were used, mainly for area-attacks and CAS.

Corran, in respect to WW2 and SW, as Crazy Dog said, the SW dogfights were based on WW2.

Now in respect to your 'capital ships that can hold thousands of people' question, again yes. The Japanese has super-battleships (Yamato and Musashi) along with many others, while the British had the King George V-class, the Germans had the Bismark, the Americans had the various South Dakota, Iowa etc classes. These capital ships did hold thousands of people, has extensive anti-aircraft armament and were very vulnerable to aircraft.

What you must understand about my argument is not that the weapons are the same, but the operating principles of the weapons are the same. Hence as RoN is designed with these principles in mind, and AoM is not, RoN has the obvious advantage in weapons compatability.

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