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other than the grappleing hook, i see only 2 things wrong with this mod
1) I cant seem to get tck sabers to work right, it just keeps reverting to the standard saber coloring (worked fine in beta 1)
2) crouching backslash dosnt work (didn't work in beta 1 either)
other than that this mod is unstopably kickass definitely the best mod for jk2 by far, puts everything else to shame
cant wait til final is out and there are 100s of servers playing ForceMod 2.0!
Also, might it be posible to change purple stance's idle animation to match green's? the fact that one saber goes into the ground all the time really annoys me, not to mention green's idle animation looks really badass, even if the stance sucks compared to purple (using two sabers).
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