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Firstly, Scar, if they don't "poof", then...why did you say they "poof" before?

Secondly, vampires exist in Rwos' universe too. They continue to, just like the humans, elves, trolls, dwarves (but not orcs) from Mrear. The Avatars and the Aeges comes from Mrear, so they could conceivably say something.

Rwos doesn't know the differences between the vampires he has seen and the vampires here, but still, he knows to use crosses, as he has already told Deac. He wears a rosary, too, which he also showed Deac...

And by the way Scar, the reason for all this business is that you didn't invent vampires. If you change every single thing that makes them vampires, then you can't really call them vampires I think you're forgetting, also, that since this is Deac's universe, and you are creating a race of beings that come from his universe, he does kinda have that annoying "final say" in things, and he obviously wants that holy water/cross rule.

And if you think the Buffy movie was good, well, I think you've got problems. j/k ^_~

Now for my vampires, i.e. Kvana, and any of those he creates. Unless I say otherwise, vampires I control are probably Kvana's race.
  • They have no vulnerability to garlic.
  • Holy water burns them, but you'd need alot of holy water to kill one.
  • Sunlight causes them to burst into flames. Only direct sunlight can harm them.
  • Though some vampires fear the cross, only contact will hurt them. Looking at it does nothing. Crosses are like a hot irons to them. As with holy water (and hot irons), you'd need alot of crosses to kill one.
  • They cannot be mortally wounded and slowly die. If they are hit with a wound they cannot recover from, they explode into dust. (Sunlight or fire would turn them to ash.) Any other wounds they will always recover from, even if it takes a long time.
  • Silver does not harm them. This may or may not be because they do not have any natural ability to shapeshift, as legends say silver harms werewolves. (Kvana himself can shapeshift like Vertmor and Sertmor, but this is an ability he gained through magic.)
  • Beheading, sunlight, fire, wood through the heart, and alot of holy water, crosses, etc. will kill them.
  • They do not evolve like Scar's vamps. If a vampire lives long enough it becomes more demonic, and grows resistances to normal weaknesses, but this does not include increasing abilites or "dark gifts" of any kind. This key ability difference is why many "normal" vampires on Mrear once saw Vorador's childer (Scar's vamps) as a superior race.

Now I'm going list the abilites that make Kvana's vampires dangerous, as just saying they're supposed to be scary isn't very effective
  • They have strength, speed, and agility far beyond that of a human.
  • They have a predator's nature and instincts with a human's intelligence, giving them a natural edge in a fight.
  • They have superhuman senses. They can smell, taste, touch, hear, and see far better than possible for a human.
  • They have no human souls, and they have no conscience. This is what makes them evil, (along with their urge to kill of course) which is why it's noted. Vampires are capable of doing good things, but it will always be because of their own self-interest.
  • They heal fast, and can heal any injury short of being beheaded.

Lastly, little things that might come up in the RPG.
  • "Game face" is the demonic-looking face that a vampire's visage morphs into so it can feed. Its fangs extend from its mouth, its face gains ridged brows, and the rest of the face slighlty changes.
  • Vampires are created by the vampire draining most (but not all) blood from the human. While the human is still alive, the vampire gives them some of its blood. The human dies, and awakens soulless, a vampire - human soul gone, demon soul in place. The new vampire is permanently in "game face" until it feeds, at which point it can transform back to a human visage.
  • Blood is blood for these vampires. They can feed on dead things, although they prefer living things because of the warmth they have. I mention this because in some fantasy-verses vampires have to feed on the living. They can survive on animals, although to them humans taste by far the best.
  • They cannot starve. Prolonged lack of blood will make them look like skin and bones, like a starving human, but it will never kill them, even if the deprivation lasts for so long that it destroys them mentally.
  • Vampires have all the memories and remember the thoughts of the human they once were, but they think differently. The human mind they once had affects their new mind, but like a warped glass, the demon now in them twists and changes everything.
  • Vampires have an automatic and sometimes temporary loyalty to their sire when they are "made". (This may only last until they "think it over", but it's there at the start, a first instinct.) Mentioning this in case someone's character gets made a vampire by one of my characters, unlikely as that may be. (I think this is the same for Scar's vampires, as the two races are related, but you'll need to ask him about it)

If I think of something I missed, or someone asks a question, I'll edit this.

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