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Yes, the WW2 aspect of RoN counts for it. But think of it this way. Imagine you care nothing for Star Wars, but just want a good RTS game. You walk into your favourite games store and see Rise Of Nations and Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds 2.

You think:
"Hmm, RoN is about two years old now. It probably has nothing on SWGB2. Let's see. Hmm, eight ages for RoN. Oh, SWGB2 only has half that..." - this is because you have to cut out all the ages before you get planes because they make no sense - "... Hmm, fewer units in SWGB2 as well. I guess that's because they cut out those other ages. Unique resources, that's an interesting idea, oh wait SWGB2 has less of them too..." - having as many Star Wars based resources as RoN has real-world based resources is impossible - "... gee, it looks like even though SWGB2 is two years newer than RoN, RoN is way better. Well I know where my hard earned cash is going..."

The changes made to AoM would not make SWGB2 look inferior to AoM, as the changes to RoN would.

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