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Firstly, Scar, if they don't "poof", then...why did you say they "poof" before?
BD said they 'poof'

And by the way Scar, the reason for all this business is that you didn't invent vampires.
Yes, but I did beat you to the punch and introduce them into the universe before you, and as for the controling elements of a Vampire, I was saying that i should have more of a say towards what vampire rules are 'used' in the rpg. What ever or not if there is a second race (which isn't that bad of an idea)

I think you're forgetting, also, that since this is Deac's universe, and you are creating a race of beings that come from his universe, he does kinda have that annoying "final say" in things, and he obviously wants that holy water/cross rule.
damnit, I guess I'll never get by that one ^_^

And if you think the Buffy movie was good, well, I think you've got problems. j/k ^_~
As for that comment.
I ment it in relation to the series, it was better.

(btw: You think that my version of the 'Force Vampire' that I came up with via AIM, shoudl be used ^_^)

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