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i have just started playing this particular game, i got the latest p[pacth (2.02) from the site, but the game is sending me mental. i love the x wing games, but this seems so buggy and so bloody hard its not funny!

for instance, i have just managed to join the rebellion and i am doing the training missions. flying against the TIEs in the x wing is mindbending. i hit it three times with a concussion missile head on and it took no damage and tie's are supposed to have no shields? whats that about!

in fact i used the mssiles because the laser cannons just dont work. i have them charged to over 100%, i have them set to regular charge rate, and it still doesnt seem to be enough. this must be a bg, because how on earth can you attack with no lasers! of course if you set the recharge rate to maximum you slow your ship down far too much to take on a tie.

can anyone shed some light on this? is there a bug or what?

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