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Alright, just got back after a short testing period of ForceMod 2, and I found these two bugs, and I have pics as proof and will post them, if you don't want the pictures there, I'll edit and remove.

1. i accidently ended up grappling to Desann, (grapple model did not show in air, but showed the multicolored object instead, before and after attachment) and he killed me as soon as I got to him, then, when I went over to my dead body, the multicolored object was on top of it.


2. This isnt much of a bug, its about the lightsaber issues, the saber seems to have this faint white line on the edge of the blade. Also, no offense, I like the mod completely, but the way the lightsabers look visually arent pleasing, i mean, the big core an' all, even on thin.

Proof of White Line:

That's all I have for now, I'm going to see what else I can find. Oh yeah, and Jango is frickin hard to kill without being a Jedi!
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