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Well, looks like inserting images has been turned off. (Although I've seen images added to other posts... )

But anyway, here are some pics from my latest beta version...

The new scoreboard... (As you can see, it's me and a load of Bots!!)

The soldier class. (Note the 'Re-spawn' count in the top-left)

The hero class.

The Jedi class (in the ready position of the new saber stance - red)

The Mandalorian class (the force bar now represents jetpack fuel)

Another one of the new ready stance:

And here's a picture of the 'short' locks that occur during normal non-duel combat (Sticky sabers...)

You can now throw stormtroopers and officers around, and kill them with one saber swipe - just like in the single player game!!
(But don't get TOO cocky. They'll soon be back - and in greater numbers!)

Another general combat scene:

Beta testing is going well. Most issues are sorted now. (The only thing which really needs sorting now are the menus - as well as ongoing class balancing...)

Hopefully be ready for release by next weekend...

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