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Originally posted by Scarface2k2
BD said they 'poof'
No, you told me they poof, so I said they poof, and BD said they didn't poof, and I told him yes they do poof, and he said ok, they poof. You'd better correct him

Yes, but I did beat you to the punch and introduce them into the universe before you, and as for the controling elements of a Vampire, I was saying that i should have more of a say towards what vampire rules are 'used' in the rpg. What ever or not if there is a second race (which isn't that bad of an idea)
...I didn't say *I* invented vampires. Neither of us did. And you've specified everything except for the cross thing, which was Deac.

As for that comment.
I ment it in relation to the series, it was better.
I rest my case

(btw: You think that my version of the 'Force Vampire' that I came up with via AIM, shoudl be used ^_^)
Wouldn't that just be an 'ordinary' vampire Jedi?

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