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un force enhanced jump is unrealistically short even for ust a regular guy
Who are you, Micheal Jordan?
what is a merc's counterpart for lightsaber defence?
Umm... shields?
i dont think there should be a lightsaber and guns jedi. in jedi v merc mode u should have to chose one or the other
Amen brother... I couldn't agree more. Technically, I think there should be three classes; Jedi, Mercs, and regular Joes (no saber, force, or merc goodies).

Which brings me to my only beef so far with beta 2 (phenominal mod)...

My Battledroids spawn with sabers. Argh.

Jango's been a good boy so far (well good if you mean bad ass!). He sticks to guns and merc goodies. I'd still like to see more bot use of the jetpack... but I don't know how you'd code that. BTW, that new flame thrower fx ROCKS! Awesome, awesome work!

I've got to do a little more testing, but so far Desann sticks to force powers and his trusty saber. Looking good there.

But the Battledroids... hmm. They run around almost exclusively with sabers - weird since I've modified their bot files so they aren't saber specialists and have zero preference for using sabers. They also have absolutely no force powers. Very strange they now obsess in using them. Stranger still, they've managed to beat me a couple times with them. That's not right!

Also, I've yet to do any digging in the .pk3 file, but suddenly "Han Solo" appears as one of my bot choices. Hehee... me thinks a little bot file still snuck it's way into beta 2.

Lastly, someone brought up altering stances... their idles, etc.. I've seen this before in little mini-mods (you might wanna take a peek at some of them like "Cool Moves" and "Jedi Moves" - though my favorite is "Mace Stances") - I'm curious how they do this. I can see they are altering the _humanoid/animation.cfg file... I just don't know what their reference is - how do they know what to change to what? Anyone have a clue? I'd love to fiddle with this myself.

Anyhow, thanks again Syrup for the opportunity to beta! You're the bomb!
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