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well games shouldnt be this hard ont he default difficulty setting in my view. the problem is that you are put in situations where you cannot really fight back. the rescue mission is one example, if you were to start by taking on all the fighters before rescuing antan, you run out of time and the imperils arrive. you have to sit there and get the crap pounded out of you while your hopeless ally does his best to shoot down 12 ships and not bothering to cover you. i lowered the difficulty to compelete this mission and was ablo to do so through a forunate break caused by a lack of attacking ships while antan was i docked.

the next mission is just as troublesome. you are swamped by tie fighters you cannot hope to engage (gotta concentrate on the probe droids) and capital cruisers. sure the rebels fight against the odds but 2 a wings against endless waves of starfighters and a fleet of capital ships? who leads the rebellion, jerry maguire?
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