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Seems that if there isn't a specific flag set in a bot's file (merc - as instructed in the readme) the bot takes on the role of Jedi/Merc or "Jerc" - heehee!

Me no likey Jercs!

Azymn, how bout adding a flag for bots that aren't Jedi or Mercs? Either that or add a seriously watered-down merc class... say blasters only?

Wamprat013, I hear what you're saying... but I somewhat disagree. I don't think Mercs need something to combat saber defense - first off saber defense isn't all that it's cracked up to be... second, Mercs already have personal and portable shields - and they can recharge them using the battery. I think giving Mercs more goodies would be unbalancing.

Ultimately, it's melee vs. ranged fighting. Jedi are the Jackie Chan, acrobatic, melee fighters - Mercs are the big gun toting ranged fighters. It's hard enough to get close to them - if they could jump like Jet Li, you'd never wack one with your happy glow stick of death.

Oh and by the way, Azymn, perhaps this is a dumb question, but do we still need/use the assets_forceMod.pk3? I've got it in there, but on quick lookey loo inside the pk3, it looks like it's the same stuff as in the mod itself... is this redundant or necessary?

Another suggestion...

Allow players to "spec out" their favorite setups, like model/skin, saber, saber colors, force powers, etc. and save them into a .cfg - sorta like how force powers theoretically lets you save custom settings (I've never gotten that feature to work, even in vanilla JK2). It would be cool to join a server and choose your favorite setups from a menu or something rather than having to scroll around and pick them manually every time. Just a thought.
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