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I'll try to hit as many replies as i can before i head up to take a test (i'm in school, that's where i've been)

mariners2001 - I'll check out the scope code, but the grapple isn't finished (the little bugger, i've put it off to get other stuff up and runnin...).

Wamprat013 - Which Tck menu are you using? How do you exit from it?
And with crouching backslash - do you crouch, press back, and hit attack and it doesn't work? If you make Merc binds separate from the equivalent forcepowers, you CAN'T use the same key for both, you'd have to have 5 more separate keys for each merc power. The way it is now, you can have cloak and mindtrick on the same key, which is the most economical.

AOTJ_Craig - That xyz line is a remnant of a lack of model for the anchored hook. I'll check out the lightsaber graphics - i threw them together really quick and just shrunk the thin core from the base tck_saber jpgs.

KaiaSowapit - Han Solo and Jango Fett are the only two *.bot files in beta 2, put there for reference To make your battledroids, you can set f_powerbots to 0 - that should get rid of their lightsabers & forcepowers.
Azymn, how bout adding a flag for bots that aren't Jedi or Mercs? Either that or add a seriously watered-down merc class... say blasters only?
I'll add a trooper class to the next build so you can have basic stormtroopers in the future.

i dont think there should be a lightsaber and guns jedi. in jedi v merc mode u should have to chose one or the other
I'll be setting it up so that "Saber Only" servers will force all jedi to use sabers exclusively.

do we still need/use the assets_forceMod.pk3?
I think so....i added the files to both just in case, but for some reason the menus don't seem to display the new force levels (Sith Apprentice, Sith Lord, etc...) unless they're in the base directory. You could remove it and see.

Remove the map limit thingy like you did with the model images. It's really annoying to have a limit.
I'll take a look.

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