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*Sir'din and kur ignite lightsabers creating a hole to enter the crashed freighter. they start running to find survivors*

[Days before...]

*Onthe CSII while traveling through hyperspace, the bridge of the CSII rocked rather strangely*

Ravan: "Does this thing ever stop?"

Officer: "We might have to deal with it for now, Sir.

*Lights in the room start flashing red as an alarm starts to sound.*

Ravan: "What the hell is that!?"

Damage control officer: "Structure instabiltiy, Sir! the uncompleted sections must not had been secure enough for hyperspace travel, its shaking the entire superstructure!"

Ravan: "Shut it down!"

*The CSII jumps out of hyperspace near a planet.*

Ravan: "Damage report!"

Damage control: "Other then the structure everything seems oka..."

*Another alarm interupts the officer.*

Damage control: "Sir the reactor's main coolant system has been damaged serverely. It'll blow in a few minutes."

Ravan: "Sound an abandonship! We'll land on that planet there!"

*Minutes later everyone is rushing to get away from the doomed deathmoon on frieghters and shuttles. A bright flash followed by a large explosion replaces the Crimson Star II. The survivors are tossed and eventually land on the planet, shaken and wondering why it all happened so sudden.*

*It wasn't long til they noticed the bodies...*

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