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*Fenrir was snacking on the body of a child when noises of landing ships caught his attention. Fenrir stands, licking his teeth. at the thought of more victims.

Fenrir circles the colony, eventually he comes up behind the ships. Which were oddly unguarded. The fools had no idea what they had gotten themselves into. Sniffing the ground he picks up their sent. He begins the hunt.

There they were the fifty survivors of the CSII, looking around at the carnage that Fenrir had wrought. Unkown to them the hellbeast was behind them, and slowly approaching. One crew memember a lowly ensign exits a building after finishing his search for survivors. The Ensign comes out facing Fenrir's side, he lets out a gasp of surprise. Fenrir slowly turns his head, his eyes burning with death. In a fluid movement before the ensign could move Fenrir grabs the ensign's arm in his mouth. With a forcefull swing of his head Fenrir sends the Ensign flying through the air. Fenrir casually drops the arm that the Ensign had left behind in his mouth.

The surviving members of the CSII turn to see their comrade screaming as he flew towards them. The ensign lands at ravan feet. The Crew looks up to see Fenrir with blood dripping from his horrilbe jaws. With a blood curddling howl Fenrir runs at the group. Some were frozen with fear, others scattered. Ravan tried to issue orders Fenrir noted.

Fenrir made quick work of those who were paralyzed with fear. The ones that took a panic flight Fenrir hunted next. When he caught one he would paralyze them and let them lie in agony as they slowly died. Fenrir enjoyed the screams and pleadings of the poor soldiers. Finally he came to the few that tried to resist under Ravan's command. They began moving towards the ships, Fenrir wouldn't allow them to escape.

Finishing off everyone except Ravan, Fenrir begins to slowly approach him. Ravan held his lightsaber at the ready. Ravan thrust and knicks Fenrir leg. Fenrir backs away, giving Ravan confidence, he thrust again only to have Fenrir to back away, giving Ravan even more confidence. Ravan thrust again, except this time Fenrir didn't back away instead he lept and landed on Ravan. Pining him to the ground. With his powerful muscles Fenrir crushes the bones in Ravan's arm that held the lighsaber causing the former jedi to release the weapon. Fenrir then breaks the lighsaber with his other paw.

Fenrir let Ravan crawl a little then pinned him again. With his claws Fenrir slashed Ravan's stomach, the wolf then picks Ravan up and throws him against the hull of a frieghter with enough force to cause internal bleeding. Ravan was mortally wounded now. Before Fenrir can finish him Ravan enters the frieghter and takes off.

Fenrir watched the Frieghter leave the planet. Giving a yawn, he streched and layed down. He feel asleep to the moans of the dying men from the CSII.

[end of flashback]

Heimdall: Don't worry Raschel I'll explain on the ship.

*Heimdall enters the Asgardreid, and goes to the lounge. There he places the box on the table. Sitting down he takes he begins to look at the box. There was a seam but no apparent way for to open the box. Idun enters*

Idun: Strange, something in that box is creating a positive energy field. Can I see it.

Heimdall: Sure. *hands Idun the box* There are seams so I assume it's possible to open the box. However I don't see a way to accomplish that.

Idun: Very strange indeed. This was all there was?

Heimdall: *taking off his gloves* Yes that is all there was. I didn't feel anything else in that building...

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