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Well now lets see...Alright now i diddnt look but im sure everyone else has told you about these bugs but i dont know so...Ok first of all the grapple hook has the multi color thing going on wich is weird and i also thought the grapple wire should be either black or white not blue it just looks too messed up. This sux! I cant attach a pic! Well... I guess everyone knows about the mutil color grapple anyway so there is no reason to attach it. Also whats up with the sabers? The thin blade is WAY WAY WAY too big and the wide pretty much covers the whole blade! I also downloaded the cartwheel and when i have 2 blasters and try cart wheeling it screws up I dont know what it is but when i cartwheel it starts out fine but at the end when i stand back up again i stay with my waist twisted and my guns in the air (like i just stoped cartwheeling but even if i walk around i am still like it!) and the only way to get rid of it is (as far as i know) jumping off something high and falling to the ground. And another thing is i was wondering if there was any way to make a rocket firing jetpack and i dont think it would be hard to make either like when you switch to it you would knee down and put your head against your chest then when you fire it would just send a rocket from you back. Well anyway i think this is a VERY good mod for playing as merc's but NOT as jedi if i will play as a jedi then i will use the first forcemod mainly cuz of the saber blades. So 8/10 (thats good considering the bugs such as the grapple, saber, and the cartwheel)

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