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I also downloaded the cartwheel
"The cartwheel"? Well, whoever made the cartwheel didn't expect anyone but jedi with lightsabers to use it (Raven didn't expect people with guns to do flips and the like), which could be the problem...
yeah...the main thing that bugs me is the width of the blades. i like the option for wide, normal, and thin but it's still too wide.
Good to know, but interesting...out of the 3 saber blade thickness, the normal one is the same exact file from ForceMod 1 & JediMod (which is one Tchouky modified for his mod). I took out one line of code at Tchouky's suggestion because he said it would make them look just like the originals, but i guess not, eh?

The thin one is the normal normal blade shrunk down, and the wide ones are the "perfect ep2 sabers" by StarWars from
There will be at least 5 types of blades in the final release, including Exar Kun blades. I was going by what was most downloaded at
If you have any other requests/preferences, lemme know.

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