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Well then the "perfect EP2 saber" maker made the core too big cuz its almost like the whole saber is just made of the core and nothing else. Anyway i just thought of something...If someone could make a lightsaber coloring thing (TCK saber mod or something) then why cant someone make something that you can choose your lightsaber core with the color (i am not talking about how you have it where its just thin normal or wide i am talking about diffining the size of your core so it can be whatever size you want) Well anyway it was just a thought and i know it most likly wont be possible but maybe it is i dunno. Also what do you think about the rocket firing jetpack? Would that be possible? I mean common if you can make 2 blasters and whoever it was that made the two sabers and all the other amazing things couldnt it be possible it make those things?

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