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*The celestial meeting room. An event is taking place that has not happened in millenia:

The council of the Aeges. The beings worshipped as gods by some, are meeting to discuss an important matter.

You realise what this means?

I'm perfectly aware.

Fenrir is part of the universe. He's natural. It's not our business to intervene.

My agent is working on stopping you. I'm personally disgusted YOU were allowed.

Aww...daddy upset because ickle Alminstar couldn't come. I'm the god of Hate. I deserve at vote.

But I do. I have spoken with the Overlord, the Allfather. He has decreed that the Time Matrix may be used. This discussion is over.

Bah! I'm going to that plane, and when I find Orthos...

You fear what he could become...

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