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darthmaul_541 - All those things are possible, but i'm not planning on adding any more new features so we can release this mod in the near future. Perhaps a later edition.
-in some cases, when i used the ammo regen, its consumed batteries as normal. but when i used again, dont eats battery, it just was stopped in regeneration. I was wielding the dual balster and jetpack on the two times
Were you full of ammo? It should only stop if you've maxed out your ammo supply. Lemme know if this is not the case.
- its possible to CARRY more than a sentry?
- mercs may have some way to confront an flying lightsaber, i think
(maybe turns off the lightsaber when you shoot it)
I'll try to find some way to balance this, as it's the most powerful weapon against mercs. Does everyone else agree that saberThrow is too strong?
- how to use the grapple!!!!!?????
Look in the menus under controls->forcemod and bind it to a key, and make sure in the main forcemod menu that your class can use it.

Oh.....bliv and KaiaSowapit - try making the droids merc 4 right just might have the effect you want in making them basic droids without having to set f_powerbots to 0.

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