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Goll: Alright let's get suited up.

*Each of the seven Valkyries go to a container and enters a code. With a hiss the containers open to reveal suits of armor made from Mithril and cortosis. The armor had a blueish hue to it, there were inctricate designs on the armor, overall this armor was beautiful. Being made of mithril the armor is relatively light and very strong. The helmet had common things in it (sensors, com unit ect.).

The Valkyries remove their cloaks and begin to don the armor excluding the helmet for now. Once the armor was on they put their cloaks back on and begin to arm themselves. Each Valkyrie carried a sword and a dagger as well as a spear (the sword and dagger are sheathed at their sides, the spear is carried on their back). Once armed they take their helments and place them on the ground for now. They then close the containers and place them back on the ship the ship is then sealed.

Once they were finished the Valkryies pick up their helmets (they don't put them on just are holding them). Goll goes over to Garm and Cerberus. She tells them to guard the ship. Then Goll and the other valkyries go over to Flax.*

Goll: I never introduced myself. I am Goll of Lord Odin's Valkyries. Now would you care to brief us on the situation?

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