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Well heres my ideal character, my alter ego.

Name: Ivona Smashalot (known by close ones as "The Furry Bitch"

Age: 19 (although has fake ID to get in on the high quality alchahol the hot looking Rodians be sippin on...)

Appearance: Very, very, VERY, hairy although behind all the hair is beautiful 400 pound women with a appatite for anything that moves,(according to local myth, Ivona once saw the world renowed image designer, Fabrio, wanting a full body wax to make her look like them cute little human girls, turned down after Fabrio burst into laughter, she ate him whole and left no remains.)

Bio: Born from a family of the ugliest wookies in the galaxy, it was probable that she would inhabitat the same genes and just be another ugly wookie that can rip off limbs with a gentle pull and sometimes be mistaken as a large dog that can walk. Despite her misforturen, Ivona was a surprisly cute young baby that was adored by wookies and humans alike, but at such a small state, and all that hair, sometimes she was mistaken for a hairball coughed up by a local kitten, after about 3 people thinking she was a hairball and then 3 people with only one hand remaining, she would be known as a hairball no longer. At the ripe age of 10, Ivona smashed her first tree. At 11, she smashed her first droid,(after the naughty droid decided his hand belonged on Ivona's hairy ass.) At 12, Ivona smashed her first Trandoshan. After this took place, a ceremony was held to announce Ivona's leap from small wookie with no power, to large wookie with no power, which is a considerable leap considering most wookies hit there growth spurt at around age 45, when they proceed to rise from a modest 7 foot, to a generous 8-8.5 foot. The wookie community was so shocked at this happening, Ivona was thought as their messiah, or in human terms, Jesus. See the trait Jesus was known as messiah for was his loving and caring, while the wookies believe there messiah just needs to be oversized and be able to smash big things. You know were talking about wookies here, not the smartest creatures on the planet, but there devasating power and grace in which they use that power are unmatched. At the time SWG starts, Ivona is a mature 19 years old, just coming out of wookie school, (where by the way she learned what to smash and what not to smash, though she never listened in class she was too busy trying to pull out her hairs one by one as she hated being hairy and would do anything for a full body wax. She would even work a personal guard for anyone, (preferably a good looking man, HINT HINT Just to get her full body wax.) Ivona spent her years from 12y to 19y doing what she does best, smashed large objects and ripping hair out of her that grows back in 5 days anyway. She has an interest in droid porn, and she enjoys Rodians which carry large pole-armed weapons. She is lonely and desperatly wants friends. Ivona will see you on April 15th!

"You are truly a Pro Gamer when you realize there's a fine line between a GAME and LIFE, grasp the idea and don't let the GAME control you, You control the game". -Pao Pablo
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