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*A series of war games were occuring on the planet. The games ranged from an all out miniwar to small battles between two opposing teams.

At one paticular event it was a medium sized melee battle between two regular army forces. They were just using swords. The combatants were fighting along some rolling hills, just beyond a forest. With the roar of engines the commanders halt the battle and have their troops fall into formation. They look up to to see a silvery ship coming down to a landing. On it's side were the markings of the Valkyries.

The ship lands, the boarding ramp is lowered. Svafa steps out in cerimonial armor and robes. Walking down the ramp her robes and vibrant red hair billow in a cool breeze. Approaching the troops, the commanders fall in behind her.

Svafa walks along their ranks until she finds the one she came for. Pausing in front of him she touches his shoulder and gives him a kiss on the forehead.*

Svafa: Congratulations you are now an Einherjar. Come with me.

*The commanders congratulate the young soldier. He follows Svafa back to the ship. Once the two are aboard it takes off. Shortly there after the battle resumes.*

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