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Oh wow, a lot of helpful replies in just a day. Ok, I checked out most of the stuff to try and play the mp3s off of my hardrive but it's too complex for me to try. So I guess that I'll just have to suck it up and play it off the cd which isn't too bad, it's just that I'm impatient.

See, the problem is that my cd player isn't bad (at least I don't think it is) or old, I'm pretty sure that it can read 40x, it's just that for some strange reason there is a delay inbetween areas and music.

For example, when I enter an area the cd player will go quiet (not reading data) for a little while, and then whir up if there's music about 10 seconds later to play it. Even worse, when I leave an area, the cd player lags and will take a few seconds to load up the next scene. It's very strange considering it's only about a 4 megabyte game and the fact that this player doesn't give me any other problems playing much much more complex games like morrowind.

Alien426 - I'm not quite sure what DMA mode is, but I'll look into it. Okay, I'm rambling - it's not that big of a deal, more of an annoyance. I'll quit complaining and get back to playing more Monkey Island (yay!).
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