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((BD: Whoa, whoa, hold up. Do you mean Sertmor and Kvana? If so, then why do you say days? I don't think it's been a night yet. Also the Jedi may not be able to sense Kvana's power, at least not the way they sense the others'; his power isn't intrinsically dark))

*Kvana finds what he is looking for. Spellbooks, disguised in the typical fashion used by magic users to hide them from nonmagic users. The Coruscant library had an impressive amount of stashed away archives. Among them Kvana found several innocent looking ancient history books. The only thing that told them apart from the boxed, musty archives around them was their curiously good condition.

Kvana: *whispers* Revelate. *He waves his hand over one of the open books. A flash of light burns across the pages, transforming the text on them*


Farran: *boarding a transport* We're going to my office. I'm about to try to contact some people...dangerous people...and I need you to act as bodyguard again.

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