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Cinnixer Troy, The Mysterious Twi'lek

Name: Cinnixer Troy

Age: 18

Race: Twi'lek

Appearance: Bright white skin, almost glowly with brillance if light reflects off his face correctly almost a perfect complexion with no blemishes or scars. 6'6" 220, Large size for a Twi'lek, but not bulky at all with his 220 pounds as it mostly smooth looking, toned muscle, almost model-like body frame, though most towards a normal athletes physieic. With his two appentages which sprout from his cranium so gracefully, (Think of you saw a picture of a Twi'lek in the encloypedia, he would be the poster child)

Personality: Cinnixer is a mysterious one at the very least. His personality is about as random as a daily lottery draw, which leads to short lasting relationships with people. One day he could be the funniest, most wacky character in the you've seen, the next day he could be as serious and stern as a US president at the time of war. You never what your going to get with Cinnixer. In Cinnixer's genius, yet complicated and unstable mind, a lot of times HE doesn't know who he is. This rare diversity leads to a extremely well-rounded person, as he could master any profession he chooses. Despite his unknown personality and demeanor, Cinnixer is always magnificently nice and caring, but at the same time a burning fire in side of him is always ready to go off. If someone does or says something he believes is inappropriate, he'll snap faster then you can say WOOKIE. Some believe this may be his dark side showing, others believe it's just his sometimes bossy and controlling nature that makes him believe if Cinnixer thinks it wrong, it's wrong.

Profession: You would think that since his randomness is beyond comprehension, that he would have much trouble choosing and staying with one job. Surprisingly, this is not the case. When Cinnixer was a young child, about 11 months, he was abandoned by his parents (Who just got word that Jabba the Hut had sent bounties for Cinnixer's parents, Cinnixxa, and Cinnixxo for reasons unknown.) Cinnixer's parents were both noble and brave people. Knowing that Cinnixer would be killed along with them in their homeworld of Tattoine, they put him on a rebel ship, and sent him to the Cloud City. When he got to the Cloud City he was found laying on the ground almost dead from hunger. The people fed him and let him rest till they decided to send him back to Tattoine, because they thought that he was lost and his parents would be waiting for him, but all that was waiting for him was dry land and desert. Being only 1 now, he knew nothing about what had transpired and began walking around aimlessly. Then he bumped into a group a animals in a enclosed enviroment, (About 4 Miles from the Big City.) Here he stayed until he was old enough to think for himself and live on his own, (About 13.) This boy has lived as an animal all his life and knows nothing else, he loves the animals, and thinks of them as family. So when he stumbled into town looking for food, a group of stormtroopers saw him and asked him what his name was and where he was from. He had no answer. He looked at these weird looking creatures in shiny white armor in amazement. The stormtroopers, now getting impatient with the primal young boy, decide he is illiterate and needs to be put in school till he's 18. Time passes as he longs for his family (animals) and learns day by day about real life. When he turns 18, he knows everything and decides he will find his real parents and learn about more of his heritage and history.

OOC- (So the point is he developed a natural love for animals and nature will be a Scout/Creature Handler!)

Bio: Abandoned at 11 months, taken to Cloud City where he was then returned to Tattotion, and lived with animals till he's 13, then he is caught by ST's and sent to school till 18 when he knows what life is all about now, he has a great love of animals, diverse personality, very nice looking, almost perfect build, indeed a lucky young Twi'lek! He vows to find his true parents and recover and broken bonds between him and them, little does he know they have been dead and the hunter who slayed them has been on the same mission for 18 good years. To find the legendary Cinnixxa and Cinnixxo's son, the chosen one as the leader of the Twi'lek Race!

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