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*Kur makes his way to the cockpit, he sees a half slumped pilot. Kur quickly checks the pulse.*

Kur: "Faint..." <Sir'din I got the pilot, he's pretty baded up with what the looks of him.> "Damn, what happened to you?"

*Kur gets the pilot outside, shortly Sir'din gets out.*

Sir'Din: "Uncle Rav?!"

Ravan: *cough* "Big monster... strong..."

Sir'din: *worried* "Uncle what happened?"

Ravan: "We abandoned ship, landed on a colony... Bodies everywhere... M-monster killed those whom feared him... tired to get survivors to help k-kill... was last left... wounded him a little... re-retalated hurd, destoryed my saber... M-managed to es-escape..."

Sir'din: "Uncle hang in there..."

*Sir'din attempts to force heal on Ravan with no luck. Ravan gets absorbed into the force...*

*Sir'din sheds a tear, as he holds the tathered clothes of Ravan.*

Kur: "I'm sorry."

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