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I need a tester for my map(what else is the beta testing forum for): The Attack On Yavin:Part1. This is my first finished, successful map and I've been waiting a month for my other testers.

This is basically the Massassi Temple/Rebel Base/Jedi Academy under attack. You start in Luke's meditation room and work your way to the hangar.

It comes as part of a mod with green blaster shots, slightly tweaked sabers (the blades now have a slight hue, which is homogenous, and the full color in the glow. More like the movies), dynamic lighting for gun shots, a custom menu, working objectives, custom credits, stronger NPC's, higher fire rates and increased ammo capacity. I worked as hard as possible to make this unique.

The pk3 is 11.6 mb (effects, gfx, ext_data, the map files, scripts, strip, ui, etc.

I am completely new to this and am not fully sure on how this works, but testers are fully welcome by PM or this thread.
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