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Originally posted by bloke
what exactly are the fire modes of the yt transport type craft? i just stick to using the fire button as it seems more efficient adn fires a greater burst. also, what is up with tha accuracy in this game, its monstrous! attacking mines is so difficult, even close up with the mine dead center in the reticule it still missess. that cant be right.
The YT-1300, YT-2000 and the Falcon all have to different firing mechanism the exception being the YT-2000 which has an ion cannon. Anyway the all have a foward laser and turrent lasers, the YT-2000 and the Falcon having two and te YT-1300 only having one turrent. Normally when you fire you get the foward laser and one of the turrent guns. If you pick a target anf press the "F" key the gunner will try to destroy your current target selected. If you press the F key again it will change to Defensive fire mode and will fend the closest thing targeting you allowing you to do other things. It's quite helpful.

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