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Still hammering away at things.

Weapons are now truely hittable (but there's no ingame effect yet). Unfortunately, there's a general issue with the traces that is currently preventing the weapons from being hitable in situations where the original "normal" trace doesn't hit the player model. I think I can get around this by removing the normal traces entirely but that might screw up hit detection on nonghoul2 objects. I'll check it out.

True View is basically complete. I want to add some special camera view for blue backstabs and the yellow special but other than that everything is ready.

Heck, I could release this thing today but I want to get it extra polished for release. The minor things often add up. For example, while the aiming is now perfect, the first shot seems to go slightly wild with the distruptor. wierd. That's not what a sniper wants.

In other news, we recently talked with RenegadeOfPhunk (currently of MovieBattles, formerly of Team Assualt) about a possible merger. He's currently thinking about it and I'm hopeing/thinking we join forces.

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