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Bill Tiller Interview & Project Joe Preview - Inventory 5

The Inventory 5 which will be available for download probably this weekend if all goes well will feature two extensive interviews.

The first one is with Bill Tiller the artist behind adventure gems like Curse of Monkey Island and The Dig. Bill talks about everything surrounding adventure games and himself.

The second interview is with Dreamcatcher Europe. The representatives of the European branch talk about their recent entrance to the European market and give insight on their upcoming titles.

Previews of Project Joe and Sallambo will give you a first look on these upcoming adventures. If you want to know more details and take a look at the cover of The Inventory 5 visit our site:


and check the preview section. Take the release date of the Inventory 5 with a pinch of salt because it depends on other factors (i.e. date that we receive the interviews).
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