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What's the Point with Points?

Many have wondered what's the point with the point system and how it works.

So, in responce of that, and sensing that many more will ask this question in the future , here's a small FAQ on it and how you can use it:

What is the Point/Credits System?
The Point System, or Credits if you like since that is basically what it is , was started in the beginning of January, 2003.
Its intent was to give posters the opportunity to get extra features, such as glowie around your name and signature pictures, and to do special tasks, such as getting an attachment.

Where can I find these features?
You can find the features in the Lucas Forums Store on the main page here.
It's alittle hard to spot maybe, but you will find it on the left right above the forum list.
Direct link to the Store here.

What are the different features' exact function?
You have 11 features you can spend your credits on.
  • Donate credits to another user: With this feature you can give away some or all of your credits to someone else.
    Cost: However much you want to give away.
  • Buy An Attachment: This feature allows you to place an attachment. An attachment is a any of the following file types: gif jpg png txt zip bmp jpeg.
    The file size is limited to 1mb.
    You can only post one attachement. You want more attachements, buy more.
    Cost: 125Cr
  • Change Custom Title: Custom Title is the title under your avatar just below your name in your post. This used to be a feature only available to those that had reached 1000 posts.
    Now, everyone that can afford it are able to buy a custom title of your choice. However, unlike the ones that have reached 1000 posts, you can only change it ones. You want to change it again, buy another Change Custom Title feature.
    !PS! Remember, you do not have to buy the Change Custom Title feature everytime you want to change it once you reach 1000 posts. From that on it is free of charge and can be changed as fast as you can change it.
    Cost: 1500Cr
  • Give Another User a Custom Title: Like it says, you can buy someone else their own custom title.
    Requires one buy per change.
    Cost: 1700Cr
  • Buy a Hotel Room: No, it's not for that use.
    Hotel Rooms are private threads which requires a key to enter. You can give this key to whoever you want.
    Here you can have private discussions between you and your friends.
    Requires one buy per room.
    Cost: 20Cr
  • Add Glow To Username: Buy this if you want to add a fancy glow around your name. Requires you to buy it again if you wish to change the color of the glow, but for only 50 credits after the first time.
    Requires one buy per change.
    Cost: 300Cr first time, 50Cr subsequently.
  • Change Username: With this feature you can change your username ... obviously.
    Requires one buy per change.
    Cost: 500Cr
  • Add Calendar Event: This feature allows you to add a public calender event on the calender.
    Requires one buy per event.
    Cost: 500Cr
  • Trade Credits For An Italic Username: With this feature you can change your usernames fontstyle from Normal to Italic (which means that the text tilts to the right like this)
    Requires one buy per change.
    Cost: 500Cr
  • Trade Credits For A Midi Song For Your Profile: This action gives you the ability to buy a Midi Song for your profile. The midi song will be played on the background while a member is viewing your profile.
    Cost: 850Cr
  • Buy signature images: This gives you the ability to use image tags in your signature. To be more specific, a banner not exceeding 500 pixels wide or 80 pixels high.
    Cost: 900Cr

What do I get points for, and how much?
You get 1 point for every post you make.
You get 2 points for every thread you make + 1 point for the first reply.

!PS! For every post that gets deleted by a Mod or Admin, you will lose 2 points.
It's the same if you delete the post yourself.

For every thread that gets deleted, the author loses 3 points + 2 points for every post he/she made within that thread.
In addition, everyone that posted in the thread will lose 2 points per post.
You can delete it yourself whereas the penalty will be the same, but you can only delete it if noone has replied to it yet. After that only Mods or higher can delete a thread.

This post will change as I get more detailed info on the features, and when new features are added to the Store.

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