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*Dahren Flen enters the cantina. He is wearing a black robe with a hood over his face and two holstered DL-44's. He also has a belt with energy cells, 6 grenades, a mechanical right hand with a retractable knife attached to the wrist, and a grapnel device attached to the left hand. He drops his hood to reveal a scar running down his left cheek, long black hair, and a Kyle Katarn-like beard.*

Security droid: Hand over your weapons. You will get them back when you leave.

D. Flen: No problem. I've been looking all over this town for a decent cantina.

*He removes his DL-44's, clips, grenades, knife, and grapnel.*

S.D.: I believe you will find our establishment much to your liking.

*Walks to the bar*

D. Flen: Bartender! I'll have a Death Star Special.

Welmin: Death Star Special, huh? I'm not familiar with that drink, no.

D. Flen: I'll explain. You mix a whole bunch of drinks together, at least 5, doesn't matter what kinds. Then you set a blaster to low power and fire it into the glass.

Welmin: I'll go do that.
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