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((OOS: Taking some liberties withe the Coruscant library here, as I don't know exactly how one works in Star Wars))

Rwos: Well, at least we know he was legitimate... *Rwos gets up and stares at the crater left by Issk, eyes narrowing* He called me a Gargoyle. My species doesn't exist in this galaxy...not naturally, at least. The only way he would know that name is if he'd had some contact with another dimension...or someone who'd come from one.

*thinks about that for a moment* Or, of course, he could have just heard of me.


Kvana: *grimacing at the pun* I understand that. But don't ask the blacksmith to shoe a dragon before he knows how to do it. I will do whatever I possibly can.

*Kvana exits the back rooms and starts to leave the library when a droid attendant stops him*

Droid: I'm sorry, sir, but you can't take those.

Kvana: *startled at the robot speaking to him* What on earth are you?

Droid: Droid library attendant 21G-R. I'm sorry, sir, but you can't leave with those. *the droid pokes the books Kvana has in carrying pack*

Kvana: What are you talking about? This is a library.

Droid: Yes, this is a library. You may scan the archive book pages on your datapad, or you may take them to the reading lounge. But you may not leave with them.

Kvana: A datapad? Scan? I'm not going to...*thinks better of it* Can I speak to another library attendant? A human attendant?

Droid: One moment please.

*The droid wheels off. Kvana watches it go, fascinated*


*Farran considers what to do* They probably have this place monitored...and some way of breaking and entering. Too bad I don't own this building, so I have no way of finding out how... Ah well. Let's try something.

*Farran opens a file and starts writing a message*

Message: This is to the spies, the women from Tatooine...whatever I should call you. I received your threat. Who are you that you want this information so badly?

*Farran leaves the computer on and leaves the room, going to find Kioet* Let's see how they react.


*Starr's ship emerges from hyperspace at the prearranged meeting place with the Loyalist forces and hails Tojo's flagship, where the admirals were meeting at that very moment*

Cracken and Alys should be here.

*Starr realized that he would have to lead the Loyalist Empire now. Cracken and Alys were missing...not dead, no, not dead, couldn't be...just hidden somewhere. Kidnapped by the mysterious Vanguards who had given up chasing him for no apparent reason. Ysalamiri used to disguise their presence. Yes, that was it.

He had to find them. And he knew where to start.*

The Separatists...

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