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*The vamp finishes off a victium whom had wielded a lightsaber.*

*The vampire drops the still twitching body.*

Vamp: "My, my dear Sir'Gui Chi'Rin. You put up such a little fight. I know I have my objectives, which would have turned you, but the rest are a little stronger..."

*Sir'Gui gasps*

Vamp: "Aw, a little fight left." *sigh* "A order is an order..."

*The vamp cuts his arm open, and he drips blood on the helpless Jedi's mouth. Sir'Gui gains some strength and graps the vampire's arm and instinctively drinks from the wound.*

*After the vampire was weakened a little, he yanks the grip of Sir'Gui off of his arm, and the wound heals. Sir'Gui screams and his wounds also heal, his hair changes to a brighter color, and his eyes turn to a shade of crimson.*

*Sir'Gui sits up while smiling and a fresh set of Vampiric teeth show.*


[Flashback: 5 minutes before]

*Sir'Gui walks down the alley way then he sees the crash from a distence. He runs, but get tackled by a man.*

Sir'Gui: "What the?"

Vamp: "Guirmual..."

Sir'Gui: "Master... Chi? Aren't you dead?"

Vamp: "I'm not chi..."

*Sir'gui ignites his lightsaber.*

Sir'Gui: "Okay, who the hell are you!?"

Vamp: "My name is Garland Mrear, I'm here for you..."

*Vamp pounces.*

[End of Flashback]

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