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*The two head into the back rooms, the attendant still grumbling*

Attendant: You can just scan the pages onto your datapads. Now what book are you looking for?

Kvana: I don't have a datapad.

Attendant: Then get one.

Kvana: Where can I get one?

Attendant: *by now very annoyed* Look, I don't have time for jokers. Just get a datapad, come back, and scan them. We can't just let people walk off with old, valuable, historic books. *notices something* Hey, how did you get in here anyway? This room stays locked unless a librarian...

Kvana: Well, you see, I broke in. Now look, human, I need these books, themselves. They have magic in them I will need to power their spells.

Attendant: *confused* What? You broke in? *Too late, she notices that the door's latching mechanism has been pulled out. She turns angrily to Kvana* I'm calling security!

*Kvana morphs into game face* Sorry. I can't allow that.

*The attendant starts to scream. Before she can let more than a squeak out, Kvana has clamped a hand over her mouth and trapped her with his other arm*

Kvana: *through his now extended teeth* I need a convenient guide. And I haven't fed in, well, millennia...

*Kvana sinks her teeth into the woman's neck. The woman's eyes widen. She is too stunned to struggle as her lifeblood drains away*

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