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*Farran returns to the room after a couple minutes to find the message on his screen*

From Irvine's quarters. *amused* Clever.

"Guardians of the galaxy"? Sure. I wonder if they really expect me to believe that, or they're simply playing with me.

*Farran writes a reply*

Message: You may not have realized that promises made when a person has no choice but to make it aren't promises that a person may feel obligated to keep. But that isn't the point. Firstly, your questions are rather vague. Secondly, I have little reason to help you, only empty words of assurance and threats that you might have difficulty backing up.


*Kvana drinks the human's blood, feeling her hapless struggling become weaker and weaker as her life drained away. Suddenly he jerks his head away from the her neck. He slits his wrist and holds it over the gasping woman's mouth*

Kvana: Drink, little human, drink. Drink if you want to live...

*Blood dripped into her mouth. Vampire blood. Kvana pressed his arm to her mouth, as the dying creature drank his blood*

Have to give her enough blood so she awakens as fast as possible from her death...can't leave her body here. Who knows if they still even bury bodies...

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