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*Ivan annoyed at the 'booby-trap' left by the treachous Rebels, pounds on the table where showing a strategic map of the surrounding area.*

Ivan: "Damnit! We lost men... I want those rebels hunted down and killed like the little pests they are!"

Officer: "It'll take a little time to get reenforcements from the ship."

Ivan: "And why's that?"

Officer: "Becuase they..."

Ivan: "Shut up, I want them here, now 500 troops. we have them."

Officer: "Just for a bunch of Rebels?"

Ivan: "Don't question my orders, or I'll reduce your rank. Those Rebels most likey have a good portion of those supplies. Half of what was there can cuase enough trouble to us. They must be taken out. You have your orders..."

*Officer salutes and leaves.*

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