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((OOS: Deac, unless they switched ships, only Rwos knows how to fly it, and they wouldn't be using hyperspace...just so you know ^.~))

*Farran raises an eyebrow, surprised*

That's all the questions they have? Interesting...

Message: I don't know what plans the Blades have for this dimension. Last I knew, none. That is why I came here. However that seems to have changed.

The Executioners' purpose is solely to capture and kill. They are unique among Blades in this way.

The Blades have many different sects; five and one major sects and a varying number of smaller sects. Most are based on schools of thought, although some were created for a specific purpose like the Executioners.

There is no single objective for all Blades. As I said, there are many different schools of thought. I suppose the closest thing to an overreaching objective would be to protect that which they consider themselves responsible for.

*Farran saves the message* What will they do now, I wonder...


*Kvana bristles at the question but answers anyway* It has nothing to do with our age. It depends on the amount of blood the dying mortal takes.

*The woman finally stops twitching and lies still*

Kvana: She is dead now...soon she will rise.



*Rwos and Deac emerge from warp space above a familiar dark planet*

Rwos: Back here again...back where I was possessed by the Darkstar, back to the place where we had to leave Syrnl in another universe. One of the places we came closest to dying...

What does our informant's pad say?

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