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phear teh long post! :D

*Sir'din feels sarrow over his uncle's death. Kur tries to cheer him up. The two continue to walk away from the scene, Sir'din carrying Ravan's clothes, folded up.*

Kur: "Aw, don't worry about it, that not how your uncle would have wanted you to think. It's not the cool calm Dincto I know!"

Sir'Din: "Yeah, its not that, its that I have to tell my family about this."

Kur: "Oh they'd understand, come on theres a bar over there. We'll drink your sorrows away!" *trying to be cheery*

*They enter the pub, and sit at the bar. Irronically a certain two individuals were also in the pub at the same time, passed out in a corner.*

Kur: *To bartender* "So how's business tonight."

Bartender: "Alright I guess, waht can I get you two?"

Kur: "Give some good liquor, my friend here just lost someone who's close to him, and I thought I'd help him take some of that away."

Bartender: *serves up a few drinks and gives them to the two Jedi* "Actually, I think I'm having a pretty good night, 4 Jedi In my own pub!"

Kur: "Really, I thought that even some Jedi that would get drunk would be rare."

Bartender: "Rare eh? How about seeing two Jedi gettign so drunk, they pass out, before they can pay the bar tab..."

Sir'din: "Really?"

*The bartender points to the two Irvines and both Sir'din and Kur look over at the two drunks.*

Kur: *going over to RH Irvine* "Yo, Sir'din here he is. It's Irvine, should had guessed..."

Bartender: "Yeah, his friend looks like a close relitive or something."

Sir'din: "Really." *picks up WH Irvine's head* "Whoa. Look at the simularity. I didn't know Irvine had a brother."

Kur: "Yeah, I know odd."

Bartender: "Think I can get piad for the tab now?"

Kur: *runs over* "Sure, how much?"

*The bartender hands over a check*

Kur: "Damn." *pulls out enough money to pay for all of what the Irvines drank.* "Damnit, now I'm broke..."

Bartender: "Fine with me." *pulls the undranken drinks he pour, and dumps them.*

Kur: "Dincto, think you can wake them..." *Turns to see the two Irvines awake and holding their heads like they have a bad hangovers.*

Sir'Din: "Too late. I can trust that we aren't drinking tonight."

Kur: "Sorry, I didn't expect these two to be here."

WH Irvine: "Freinds of yours? bleh..."

RH Irvine: "Kur, Dincto. Good to see yeah. Ugh..."

Sir'din: "You ccan very well get rid of that hangover if you want."

RH Irvine: "Why should I, I'm the one who got drunk. It's not right ruin a good hangover like this..."

Kur: "That is so you Irvine, so who's this?" *points to WH Irvine*

WH Irvine: "I'm his younger brother."

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