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*The Valkyrie leaves a brief message before leaving Irvine's quaters.*
What we intend does not concern you, you have fullfilled your bargin and have saved your life for the time being. Remember we are watching.

Coruscant: Jedi Temple

Goll: Do Jedi only use the top 20 levels? If they don't then you need to secure all levels or leave yourself open to attack.

It is your choice, however if you fail to take aggressive measures then these vampires given enough time will overhelm you. Also do not expect any additional manpower from us. We *motioning to her comrades* are it.


*Athena and Odin are sitting in a cafe*

Athena: We need your help. A couple of days ago 4 escaped from Tartarus.

Odin: You really should have contacted us sooner.

Athena: I know. Can you help us?

Odin: Of course we will help you my dear Athena. I'll send six Einherjar, and a Valkyrie. That should be enough.

Athena: Thank you.

Odin: *pulling out a com unit* Sleipnir, send a message to Vidar. Tell him to dispatch six Einherjar and a Valkryie to Elysium. There they will be assigned to hunt down for escapees from Tartarus.

You have that?

Sleipnir: Transmitting now

Odin: Thank you. *turns off the com and puts it back in his pocket*

Mag Mell An Aesirian controlled world near the containment zone

*Gerd and Skadi finally arrive over the world of Mag Mell. Skadi brings the transport to land next to a large house. Lowering the boarding ramp the two exit.*

Skadi: This is our home

Gerd: Wow. *looking around, she had only lived in that small cell on Utgard.*

Skadi: *smiles* Come on let's get inside.

*The two enter the house. From, they sit down to have lunch.*

Vanaheim On the Valkyrie Transport

Svafa: When we reach Asgard your training will commence in two days.

*The soldier nods still a little dumbfounded for being selected to join the Einherjar. Svafa smiles. The Transport breaks atmosphere and heads into space and towards Asgard*

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