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((As far as i knew Irvine did. And one more thing, how does someone even know that name of someone when there is nearly no history of that person? (as far as i knew not even the Imperial council posted any offical infomation about him)))

*RH Irvine sits down, and patently wiats for sophae to answer his question, before starting to speak again*


*the fused Irvine rages though the skies, and inadvertantly crashes head on to another shuttle. glass cut his arm, but he manages to escape quickly before he is trapped in the shuttle as it falls.*


*Fused Irvine finds the place where the vampiric horde was lovcated til resent.*

Fused Irvine: "They cleaned up in a hurry. We don't sense our former body anymore. Hm!?"

*Fused Irvine relised he had had been minorly wounded on the trip here. mos tof the wound had already been healed up on its own.*

Fused Irvine: *sensing his own blood, he finds NanoMechines* "Oh, the Nanomechines that we'd had for so long. That creature whom ressurected us must had allowed every part and detail of our bodies to return. Interesting..."

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