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Kur: "Brother eh?"

WH Irvine: "Long and lost is a vage expression..."

RH Irvine: *laughs* "So what brings you two here." *Using the froce to clear up the 'prefectly good' hangover*

Sir'din: "Remember my uncle that dissapeared about ten years ago?"

RH Irvine: "Yeah, what about?"

Sir'Din: "He cam ecrashing down in a freighter earilyer, he died in our arms." *shows the ragged clothing*

WH Irvine: *also clearing up* "Sounds harsh..."

Kur: "Yes, we were so happendly looking for you. but on the way we ran into this group. odd bunch. Annoying bunch, they had someone who was barely a Jedi, Another quite teh self rightious type, whinking he could kill just about anything. Most of seed to have a trusting thing for each other."

WH Irvine: "Really!?"

RH Irvine: "What you know of such group?"

WH Irvine: "If it was the same group that ditched me earlier. I have a few words I'd like to say... Think we could try and sense where that Jedi is?"

*The four become silent. to search for where the group is now.*

Kur: "Feels like near the the Old Jedi temple."

WH Irvine: "Alright I'll go there." *to RH Irvine* "Sorry Irvine, have to go."

RH Irvine: "I understand. But I want to come with, so we can finish this drinking contest off at a later time..."


*WH Irvine and RH Irvine bursts outside and rents a pair of speeders, then proceeds to speed off to the Jedi Temple which wasn't too far off."

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