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((OOS: Scar, a couple problems.

1: Your group doesn't know where the group is. Jedi don't have magic all-seeing powers like that, or they would have had it alot easier in the movies.

2: WH Irvine has no way of knowing what group the other two are talking about, because they didn't describe them. This is even more impossible for RH Irvine as he's never seen or been around the group.))

*The group exits*

Raschel: This place hasn't been used in decades...and it looks it.

Marin: *holding the map* The map has changed again. It looks like a representation of this temple, and the infrastructure below it. However, it doesn't have a path drawn...just a red, vertical line in the center of this structure.

Guy: My ship is detecting some sort of magic vortex in the center of this temple...that must be where we go.

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