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((OOS: BD: About PtH, the group is currently running around on Coruscant, as opposed to some higher plane out of this reality. So if you want to come back from that break...just to let you know

[They're going to be on Coruscant for a while, tho, so, erm, no hurry]

Scar: ...What? Irvine's a cyborg? If not, how are nanomachines healing him? Even if that's possible (it may just be the caffeine, but I don't think it is), where did Irvine get that technology?

edit: for first a name error, then a time omission.))


*Scene change*

*Kvana watches as the new vampire finishes draining the blood from a hapless pedestrian. The vampire finishes her meal and drops the man*

Kvana: You still haven't told me your name. By the by, you can change your face back to its human form now, if you wish.

*The vampire morphs back to human form* Lilan. My name Lilan.

Kvana: I am Kvana. This is Vertmor. Lilan, do you know what you are?

Lilan: I am...dead. But more alive than ever. What am I? I can feel...everything. I can smell the rockworms in the walls. I can see the hawkbats hidden in the shadows on the top of that building.

Kvana: Yes. You are a vampire. The two of us are vampires as well. You were a human, and I killed you, and I made you one of us.

Lilan: I feel strong. I feel powerful.

Kvana: And what, my dear, do you want?

Lilan: *grins and bares her teeth* To kill. I want...blood.

*Kvana smiles*


Outer Regions

*Several days ago*

*A Shadow's ship floats through space. Another, smaller ship is docked with it.

Inside, a group of Shadows in dark red uniforms escorts a group of people inside from the docked ship. Another group of Shadows in the ordinary dark gray suits meets them. One of the gray-suited Shadows, in a slightly different steps forward to speak with the foremost escortee, a tall woman in a business suit.*

Shadow: I am Commander Serjin Baken of the Shadows' Twelfth Delegation. We are honored to receive an Associate such as yourself in our---

Woman: You can stop fawning now, Commander Baken. I know you aren't happy to see me. Of course, you know that among the many reasons I've been sent is the rather dismal reports of your conduct here we've received.

*The Commander tries to hide his discomfort, not answering*

Woman: *continuing* That, coupled with the interesting offer of our friend Sejhan, and a few prophecies that have recently been dropped in our hands... Well, let's just say the Partners thought it wise to start devoting a little more time and energy to this corner of the multiverse. In short, I'm taking control here. I, and the other Associates who will be arriving soon, are going to be running things quite differently from now on.

*The woman takes off her jacket and hands it to the Commander as she walks past him* Oh, could you get that for me? Thanks.

*The Commander doesn't answer. He only stares hatefully at the woman's back as she walks towards the ships's bridge*

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