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((Red: the nano's are ment for healing him (remember we wasn't 100% of the time he can use the force ), but more history on that will come in sometime later.) Eh, screw it. why not now, a little sample... ))

*The fused Irvine still looks at his wound, and remembering his past...*

Fused Irvine: "Now in this body it feels so long ago. Longer then it was."

[15 years prior]
((slight flash back))

Ivan: "My parents. Why must they have gotten the damned disease. My sister, and my nephew too. Damnit!"

[end flashback]


RH Irvine: "Very well then. I come here with two objectives. One to applogise on the behalf of my people, on the actions of Kurtis Tacal, he can be spontanious, especally in no win senarios that the one presented to him at that time." *does a half bow*


Vertmor: "Welcome to a new world and a new way of life."

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