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Kamor ignored the strangers remark for this very gun had ended the life of 1,469 vong and
even more imperials. Instead, he leaned forward. "I've recently been exploring the outer rim and I found a strange thing.
I had just flown past the Marvor Starcluster when I began picking up readings of ion gases. When I went to check it out, a planet was there, several bernt-out engines. I investigated it. The natives called the planet Zonama and the intelligent, telepathic tissue on it is called Zecoat. I later looked up info on Zecoat on the Old Republic's Jedi Exploration files. Little is known about it but...a jedi called Vargar (linked to an assationation attempt several years ago) visited it and was captured by the Vong attacking it. Obi-wan Kenobi and Anikin Skywalker investigated and bought a ship from them but it was destroyed in a fight with rogue Republic troops and it then, jetted off into the depths of space. Its ship-making industries are supposed to be the best in the galaxy. They use alive material on their ships like the Vong but its more like plants than Coral. They stopped making them after they left their realm."
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