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K'Warra: First, why must we have this ridiculous along with us. Secondly how many times do I need to tell you I know nothing about your Darkstar, or Tarnnt, or anything of that sort? *yells out the window to Vertmor, in the carriage ahead* How long till we find Kvana? And what the hell is he doing in this town with this bloody plague? *normal voice, to the girl* Don't leave this bloody damned carriage. I'm not risking you catching whatever the hell is killing all these people.

Girl: I'm not gonna catch anything. I won't touch a thing, I swear.

K'Warra: Unless you can stop your breathing for the duration of our stay, you aren't coming.

Girl: Same air in here as out there.

K'Warra: Well...damn. *yells out the carriage window again* How long, vampire, how bloody long?

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