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*Odin and Athena walk to the spaceport. Reaching Sleipnir they pause*

Odin: My men will be here shortly. Now I will take my leave of you.

Athena: Thank you and have a safe journey.

*With a brief Hug. Odin enters Sleipnir. Athena backs away as Sleipnir lifts off*


*THe Valkyrie transport lands in the city of Vingolf. Svafa and the soldier exit the ship.*

Svafa: The other traniess are over their. Join them, and good luck.

*Svafa enters the ship, as the soldier goes to join his comrades. The transport takes off and heads towards Vidi. A short time later they reach the city. The transport deposits Svafa at Vidar's palace. Her footfalls echo in the silent palace.

Svafa knew exactly where to find Vidar, in his study. She enters the room softly, practicing the arts of the Valkyries. She slowly approaches Vidar and wrappes her arms around him. Only to find herself flying through the air and landing flat on her back on his desk.*

Vidar: *smiling* Hello sister.

Svafa: *laughing* I guess I shouldn't have done that.

*Svafa gets off the desk*

Vidar: Come let us get something to drink. It has been a long time since we have truely talked. *looking at his sister* I see it was time to pick more einherjar.

Svafa:Yes, I just dropped one off at Vingolf.

*The two leave the room and go to the kitchen. The palace was large enough to house many people, however Vidar was usually the sole occupant.

The Two sit down drinking mead*

Svafa: Any news from Father.

Vidar: He just sent a dispatch to me. Six einherjar and a valkyrie are being sent to Elysium to aid them. I had just given the orders when you so rudly interrupted. *smiles*

Svafa: And I'm paying for that interruption *rubbes her back* Mind if I change out of these *lifts her cerimonial robes*

Vidar: Go right ahead. You know where your room is I trust.

*Svafa heads towards her room to change*
Jedi Temple

Goll: *speaking in Aesirian* Come the ship will be our base of operations. We first go to investigate the where the latest feeding has occured. After that we go to the library. There is something we must check in to.

*The Valkyries return to their ship and leave the temple*
Mag Mell

*It is the middle of the night when screaming awakens Skadi. She runs to Gerd room to find shaking with fear and in a cold sweat. Skadi goes to the child and comforts her*

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