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((Umm, Scar, I got what they're for. You still didn't answer what I asked...however I'll let it go for now...but if you have the kind of explanation I think you're going to have I'm going to have to eat you alive

Aso: Careful with the history. You do NOT control Irvine's mother, remember?

edit: changed "lack of" to "nonexistent". Sorry, it was bugging me ))

Unnamed Planet

Rwos: *looks around at the ruins, drawing the first conclusion that came to mind upon seeing the name "Deac" on the broken tube* You...? Is this where you were...made a Jedi? Here? Why did the Trandoshan send us here?

*Rwos senses something in the back of his mind, faint, but there*



*The Shadow's ship flies through the eerie vastness of warpspace.

The woman, now in a black business suit, sits in the ship's lounge with her entourage of dark-red symboled Shadows around her. The Shadows keep their masks and suits on instead of changing to civilian clothes like others on board the ship, making them appear doubly sinister in contrast to the others. A set of holographic datacases piled on top of each other covers the table in the lounge's center. One is in the holoprojector, another Shadow explaining it like a presentation. Several pictures appear, including Rwos, Deac, Odin, Starr, Flax, Ida, Cracken, and a Valkyrie. The pictures keep changing*

Woman: So these are the major players of this dimension.

Shadow: O-only the ones we know to be aware of, shall we say, extradimensional presences in this galaxy.

Woman: Quite a few. Then there are those who don't?

Shadow: Yes. But few true movers and shakers. Most who have connections in this dimension know of it. Mostly because of, ah, the Blade Termand Rwos' poor, or should we say nonexistent, security.

Woman: How interesting. Now, on to incidents. I want to know about everything you have seen, detected or heard of that is remotely of interest. I want the reports by this time tomorrow. Alright? Good.

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